Viewpoints – Leslie Stadnichuk

Often my paintings come from a tiny blossom that is going unnoticed because it is tucked in and hidden deep inside the foliage of a plant.  I love to draw it out and put it on centre stage.

Viewpoints – Pat Katz

I love plopping down on a park bench, on a streetcorner, in a café, and pulling out my sketchbook to capture the sights and scenes in a way that goes far beyond photography. When I look back at my sketches done on location, I remember the way things looked, sounded and smelled.

Garden Treasures 6 10×10″ Watercolour Batik ©Paige Mortensen

Viewpoints – Paige Mortensen

My viewpoint is like the lens of the camera. The drawing I start with looks quite defined and in focus however as I add layers the image becomes quite blurry. It isn’t until I add the darks that I start to feel like it is becoming clearer. Then, when I iron the wax off everything…

Viewpoints – Sharron Schoenfeld

Artists’ Workshop is a diverse group of 9 artists who use different mediums to create art. We come from varied artistic educational backgrounds, and each of us have experienced and grown our art practises in different ways. Our group meets each Monday from September through April at Grace-Westminster Church to create art.


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Artists’ Workshop

We are Saskatoon artists who make art together weekly. In non-pandemic times, we hold a show and sale of our work every spring at Grace Westminster Church. Learn more about our art practices and shows here.

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