The Artists’ Workshop is a group of visual artists juried for membership to ensure the group’s artistic quality as well as diversity of style and media. Group members focus on painting and drawing with forays into collage, paper sculpture and mixed media.

Celeste Dumonceaux Delahey

Throughout my lifetime I have done many creative things.  I learned how to sew, quilt, cake decorate, and play piano and guitar.  I had always wanted to paint so … (more)

Jean Dudley

I grew up artistically at Kenderdine Campus and still miss it. I have struggled to find a satisfying way to keep busy artistically through the winter months. Recently I … (more)

Kathryn Green

I love the richness, depth, and variety produced by combining different media and materials. To me, mixed media is like listening to a musical ensemble … (more)

Pat Katz

I’ve always been drawn to color and design. Artistic expression took many forms over the years from sewing and weaving to landscape gardening. In 2002, I began exploring  … (more)

Monika Kinner

Born on the Prairie and raised by a landscape artist, I grew up with a deep appreciation for skies, fields, and ditches full of blooms. I was taught how to appreciate … (more)

Val Miles

What excites me most when I am painting is colour and how colours create a mood or a feeling. I love working with black gesso and will start a painting by drawing … (more)

Paige Mortensen

Crunchy fall leaves, footprints in the snow or sand, sticks floating down the spring rivers, and all nature’s patterns.  Each season and year brings its own inspiration … (more)

Sharron Schoenfeld

Sharron’s artistic focus is not limited to one subject, colour palette or painting technique. She is interested in abstract, realist, mixed media, urban settings, northern … (more)

Leslie Stadnichuk

I have been creating since I could lay my hands on things to create with. Play-Doh, Light Bright and Spirograph gave way to needlepoint, cross stitch and petit point, … (more)

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