Kathryn Green

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I love the richness, depth, and variety produced by combining different media and materials. To me, mixed media is like listening to a musical ensemble compared to a solo instrument.

I especially enjoy creating mixed media collages, because I can upcycle materials that have served their original purpose–old books, letters, unsuccessful paintings, postage stamps, packaging—rather than use new materials. 

I work intuitively: I simply make marks or play around with paper pieces, decide what I like, and gradually build the work. I don’t know what the end result will be until I’ve reached it. 

In addition to my own work, I get great pleasure out of sharing my excitement about art-making with others, especially those who have forgotten how easy and fun creating visual art can be. 

Enmeshed 10 x 10″ Found, Hand Printed and Painted Papers ©Kathryn Green
Eclipsed 10 x 10″ Found, Hand Printed and Painted Papers ©Kathryn Green

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