Leslie Stadnichuk

I have been creating since I could lay my hands on things to create with. Play-Doh, Light Bright and Spirograph gave way to needlepoint, cross stitch and petit point, and then on to knitting, crocheting and sewing.

When I returned to drawing in the early 90’s I immediately loved it and soon transitioned into painting, first in pastels and acrylics and most recently in oils.

I love to make bold statements with bright color and strong contrast. I choose my subject by the feeling it evokes in me.  Most often it has caused me to stop and look closer or longer and given me a sense of wonder. My aim is to bring that feeling to others.

Painting affords me the time and space to hear my own thoughts and know my own heart.  

Email me at:   stadnichukart@gmail.com

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Great Joy ©Leslie Stadnichuk
Peony ©Leslie Stadnichuk
©Leslie Stadnichuk

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