Monika Kinner

Born on the Prairie and raised by a landscape artist, I grew up with a deep appreciation for skies, fields, and ditches full of blooms. I was taught how to appreciate their transformation through the four distinct seasons, which I embrace equally.

I spent more of my childhood observing the patterns of light and shadow then I did in indoor activities. This gave me my Prairie roots. I knew I could rely on the land and sky to always show me their best. Knowing where to look and how to see sparked my desire to show off the glory and subtle beauties of my homeland. 

I do this in my own chosen medium of Textile Art, specifically a meticulous and detailed technique called Threadpainting. I discovered this 11 years ago after joining a quilt guild. I also work in Soft Pastels which is my mother’s traditional medium. 

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Green and Gold 9×3″ Textile (thread and fabric) ©Monika Kinner
Her Path Leads to the Ocean 14×14″ Soft Pastel ©Monika Kinner
Prairie Autumn 7 x 5″ Textile (Hand Stitched Yarn on Felt) ©Monika Kinner

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