Pat Katz

I’ve always been drawn to color and design. Artistic expression took many forms over the years from sewing and weaving to landscape gardening. In 2002, I began exploring watercolor and soon started traveling to study with artists whose works I admired. Brush, paint and paper quickly laid claim to my heart. 

My paintings are known for their lively colors and lyrical lines. A sketchbook and paints are constant companions on my travels. I love to sketch both indoors and outdoors; and I find myself inspired by whatever happens to be in front of me at the moment – from still lifes and streetscapes to seascapes and landscapes. I share my love of watercolor by teaching both live and virtual workshops and classes. 

I consider myself an Appreciative Adventurer – finding joy and beauty everywhere I am and everywhere I go. In art, as in life, I am drawn to express the up side, the sunny side – the inspiring message that life is good. I hope you feel uplifted in the company of my work.

You can follow my work on IG and FB and through my blog at

Bold Orchid ©Pat Katz
Fall Foliage Blue Pot ©Pat Katz
Kerbs Boathouse – Central Park – NYC ©Pat Katz
Le Cigale & La Formi – Cassis ©Pat Katz
Santa Barbara El Andaluz ©Pat Katz

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