Interested in joining Artists’ Workshop?

Member Expectations

Participation and regular attendance are important for the group to achieve these objectives. Full and active involvement is a firm expectation. 

Specifically, Artists’ Workshop members are expected to:

  • attend weekly studio time regularly 
  • take part in business meetings (held the first Monday of each month)
  • participate in group shows, including publicity, transportation, hanging and dismantling
  • support the group’s functioning by sharing individual skills as needed (e.g., bookkeeping, communication, graphic design, baking)
  • take part in workshops and other special events organized by the group
  • share information and educational material and exchange ideas about art.

Members are free to display and sell their work in galleries, shows, art auctions or other fundraising events, and to participate in community art events not related to Artists’ Workshop.

Applying for Membership

Submission Materials Requested

  1. A resume of your artistic training, practice and exhibitions to date.
  2. 6 – 10 good quality, well-lit jpg images of your best recent work, or a link to images of your best recent work on your website, or as digital images copied onto a CD. Note: Your submission is being adjudicated on the body of work you submit. Good quality images of your work are as much of a reflection of the work, as the work.
  3. An image list of the images you are submitting with your application that indicates the title, size, medium(s) used, and the year completed for each image you are submitting.
  4. A short letter of application describing why you are interested in joining the group, what you might contribute to the group, and what you hope to gain from joining Artists’ Workshop.

Submission Process

You may email your application (images, resume, image list, letter of application) to .If you have any questions, please contact Jean Dudley at 306-384-9094. Thank you for considering membership in Artists’ Workshop. Your submission will be reviewed as quickly as possible so that you may receive a timely response. 

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