The Inside Story ~ Molly Clark

“How long does it take you to do one like this?” The technical answer varies. Some works flow and others challenge you to spend more time. People are genuinely curious, and their inquiry sincere, so I hesitate to answer “all my life” for fear of it sounding like a canned, flippant answer. But there is authenticityContinue reading “The Inside Story ~ Molly Clark”

The Inside Story – Patricia Katz

I’ve always been drawn to color and design; and my artistic expression took many forms over the years. As a child I hammered together wooden fruit crates and painted ‘furniture’ for my room. Later I began sewing clothing for my self and others. That interest in textiles led me to spinning and dying yarn, andContinue reading “The Inside Story – Patricia Katz”

Artists’ Workshop News

Opening today at the QEII Art Gallery at Government House, Regina is the show ‘Bridging’, featuring many of the members of Artists’ Workshop. We envisioned this theme as follows: Bridging is a way to diminish our differences and maximize our connections. Sharing art from the heart helps span life’s gaps – in time, space andContinue reading “Artists’ Workshop News”

Bridging ~ Lorraine McGrath

It took me a while to see where the idea of bridging fit with my art. And then it came to me as I was working on a new painting, of a subject completely new to me. This subject presented itself to me because of new directions my life has been taking over the pastContinue reading “Bridging ~ Lorraine McGrath”

Art Toolkit Favourite ~ Molly Clark

What I listen to while I work is as important as any of my painting tools; it sets the tone for the work at hand. I remember how easily a set of landscape paintings came together while listening to Ian Tyson songs about the northern plains. Hearing author Stephen Jenkinson’s musings on heritage makes meContinue reading “Art Toolkit Favourite ~ Molly Clark”

Spotlight On ~ Paige Mortensen

It is all about the texture. It is the texture in an object or scene that entices me. Creating a piece of art gives me the opportunity to spend more time with it, really getting to know the details.   One beautiful afternoon in the fall, after a day of painting with our Artists WorkshopContinue reading “Spotlight On ~ Paige Mortensen”

Seasons change and so do we…..

We have gathered back together at Grace Westminster Auditorium to begin our 26th year. Last April, we celebrated our 25th anniversary at our annual show. Here are a couple of photos of the group taken then. This was taken with all of us, except Eva, who wasn’t able to be there, a few days beforeContinue reading “Seasons change and so do we…..”

Thank you and on to the next event – Art Trek 2014!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our show on the first nice weekend of spring. We had a great turnout, good music, good food, and, even if we do say so ourselves, a very good show. Thanks to our musicians who provided us with such a good atmosphere. And thanks to everyone inContinue reading “Thank you and on to the next event – Art Trek 2014!”

Show flurries

Beginning this weekend, various members of Artists’ Workshop are participating in art shows around Saskatoon and in Davidson. Here is the information: Gail Prpick – Gail’s Art Show and Sale, one night only – This FRIDAY! Doors open at 5:30 pm, 112 Washington Ave, Davidson. Little Gems Art Show and Sale – several members ofContinue reading “Show flurries”