A new year and new plans

Here we are at the beginning of 2013. Happy New Year to everyone! We are beginning to plan our 23rd Annual Show and Sale, which will be happening in just three months. Doesn’t that make the winter seem much shorter? For those of you who like to mark their calendars early, here is the initialContinue reading “A new year and new plans”

Our other new members

This year we also have Val Miles joining us as a new member and Janet Danyliuk returning after a year’s leave. With everyone painting together on Mondays, we have both a productive and a lively time. Now that winter is settling in here, with our first snowfall of the season, we will be able toContinue reading “Our other new members”

The Artists’ Workshop of Saskatoon

Welcome to the new website for one of Saskatoon’s longest running artist’s groups, Artists’ Workshop. This September marks the beginning of the groups’ 21st year. We will soon have information about the group, its members, and the various art related activities we are involved with this season. Please check back from time to time toContinue reading “The Artists’ Workshop of Saskatoon”