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What excites me most when I am painting is colour and how colours create a mood or a feeling. I love working with black gesso and will start a painting by drawing in white on the black.  I developed my style of painting when experimenting with different mediums and combining them with gilding. I wanted to change the underlying texture to create an interesting surface.  I am happy when my paintings remind me of a wood block print or a piece of tapestry.

I mainly focus on birds because I feel they provide some additional interest, personality or humor in my paintings. I enjoy the process of layering in each painting and planning the drawing, mediums, gilding and colour. I am always surprised at the end when the painting reveals itself, which is the biggest payoff and reward.

Serenitiy in the Garden 36 x 42″ Mixed Media ©Val Miles
Royal Celebration with Paula’s Vase 20 x 24″ Mixed Media ©Val Miles
Apple Picnic – Version 2 10 x 20″ Mixed Media ©Val Miles

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