Autumn notes – local arts information


Suddenly autumn has come around again and we start to get back into our routines that will take us through until next summer. There will still be some beautiful days to get out and enjoy, and the deconstruction of gardens to be done yet. However we start to settle into our more regular activities. For many of us that includes getting back to our art works on a more regular basis.

Here is some local arts information that you might find useful.

First of all, we have a new art studio in the city, Atelier 2302. It is run by Craig Berry, a Saskatonian who was away for a number of years but who has returned to establish a classical arts atelier in our city. We are really fortunate to have this great resource here. Both Eva and Lorraine have taken the first drawing class he offered. Lorraine is currently continuing with the drawing program. You can see photos of the progress of the first class here. He is now offering the drawing class on a continuous basis, so you can begin anywhere and then continue on a monthly basis to progress through the program. Also, he has begun drop in life and portrait sessions. Here is the information from Craig:

Uninstructed figure drawing sessions Wednesday nights 6:30-9:30 (Starting Sept 11th) $15 and uninstructed (ongoing) portrait drawing nights on Monday 6:30-9:30 (Starting Sept 9th) $15. There are 8 spaces available (each session) so he just requires notice the week before the sessions so he can hold you a spot. You can come every week or reserve a spot for a night your able to come. He has models lined up and ready to go. These sessions will focus on longer poses. Artists wishing shorter poses can trades spots with another artist. He will be open to ideas from all members in the group in the length of poses. Phone   306-717-9161 email You might like to bookmark his website too. He is going to be expanding it to include a blog and newsletter (by subscription) with new resource material.

Next, something educational: recent studies on modern paints. It is a very interesting post on the Gamblin web site.

A new source of art supplies. There is a new place in town that is going to have materials for artists. This one looks much more eclectic that the usual art supply store! It is called Alt Art Depot.  It seems they also take donations as well as sell. This will definitely be interesting.

Next. Grandmothers for Grandmothers are putting on a fabric sale October 19. They are looking for both donations of fabric, and also people who are looking to buy fabric for projects. Here is the poster with the information.

So happy Autumn to all.

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