Update on Art Trek 2014

Just to let you know that plans for Art Trek 2014 are well underway!

Art Trek 2014 will take place on Friday June 13, from 5 – 10 pm, and on Saturday June 14, from 10 am to 5 pm.

You can see regular updates of images of works and activities on the Art Trek Facebook Page, and now, you can also follow Art Trek on Twitter! The map for Art Trek will soon be up on these sites.

This year, nine artists’ studios, with over 60 artists, will be participating in Art Trek:

Artists’ Workshop (505 10th St E, upper level): Virginia Beaubier, Valerie Borycki, Margaret Bremner, Lou Chrones, Janet Danyliuk, Kathryn Green, Lorraine Khachatourians, Karen Maguire, Val Miles, Valerie Munch, Eve Peters-Kooy, Gail Prpick, Kathleen Slavin, Marilyn Weiss.

The Mix Artist Collective (212 20th St West) – Bridget Aitken, Muveddet Al-Katib, Kathy Bradshaw, Paula Cooley, Paul Denham, Christine Devrome, Ann Donald, Brenda Kennedy, Brent McGovern. Jacqueline Miller, Elisabeth Miller, Robert Miller, Ric Pollock, Debbie Rumpel, Elizabeth Yonza.

Studio on 20th (236A 20th St W): Jane Harington, Miranda Jones, Carol Wylie, Amira Wasfy, Bridget Aitken, Ron Fraser, Jan Corcoran, Nicki Ault, Karen Maguire, Kathy Bradshaw

330 Design Group (330 Avenue G South): Lee Baker, M. Craig Campbell, Paula Cooley, James S. Korpan, Daryl Richardson, Ken Wilkinson. Rob Sexauer Guest Artist.

Atelier 2302 (2302 St Patrick Ave): Craig Berry, Angela Muellers, Scott Owles.

Studio 5 (331 1st Ave North, 5th Floor, Charter House): Tyson Atkings, Jinzhe Cui, Nora Jacek, Alana Unruh, Ania Slusarczyk, Audra Balion, Jeff Chief, Valerie Poulin.

TAG (Textile Artists Group) (505 10th Street East, lower level): Judy Haraldson, June Jacobs, Gwen Klypak, Alison Philips, Annie Wall.

Lauriston Street Studios (510 Lauriston St): Paul Denham, Louisa Ferguson, Georgia Horsley, Sandy Lendingham.

Basement Studio C (220 20th St W): Bevin Bradley, Roberta Ross.

You can look for the Art Trek banner at each site ~ see you there!



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