The Inside Story – Patricia Katz

I’ve always been drawn to color and design; and my artistic expression took many forms over the years. As a child I hammered together wooden fruit crates and painted ‘furniture’ for my room. Later I began sewing clothing for my self and others. That interest in textiles led me to spinning and dying yarn, and to weaving on looms of all types. As our family put down roots, I landscaped colorful gardens around our home. And eventually, I found my way to watercolor painting.

Whether it’s bolts of fabric, skeins of yarn, acres of tulips, or a palette of paints, brilliant colors are a magnet to my eye. Bright light and lyrical lines lift my spirits and make me smile. Where color and light are absent, I’ll throw some in as an expression of what could be.

Splash and squiggle is how I work. Ink and watercolor is where I live. My best work appears when I’m able to hold a lighthearted, playful spirit.

I aim to be an Appreciative Adventurer – finding joy and beauty everywhere I am and everywhere I go. In art, as in life, I am drawn to express the up side, the sunny side – the inspiring message that life is good. I hope people feel uplifted and heartened in the presence of my work.

Patricia Katz – Pauseworks Studio –

Pat Painting in Malaga, Spain

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