Exploring Connections ~ Leslie Stadnichuk

When I see an artwork that grabs my attention and holds it, it’s because there is something about it that I feel some connection to. Sometimes it’s the colors or the subject or maybe just one part of the piece that captures my imagination. If a piece pulls me in and keeps me there a long time I often think about owning it. 

The process is much the same when creating a painting.

I create in order to express something from inside that I feel a connection with. I see something that catches my attention, sparks an emotion and draws me in. I feel compelled to re-create it so that I can explore that connection. So many decisions follow: medium, substrate, style, adaptations and changes of compositions. The list goes on but it’s all usually in an effort to capture or evoke the original feeling or connection. It’s a wonderful process that brings great satisfaction.

10 x 10″ Oil on Cradle Board ©Leslie Stadnichuk

The process is even more satisfying if at the end of it someone else sees it, feels some connection to it and then decides to make it their own in order to further explore their connection to it! 


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