Art Trek Number One

It looks like the first Art Trek went well. Friday night the weather cooperated and we had a pretty steady stream of visitors. The bike tour group had an average of about 20 people going from site to site. Saturday, on the other hand, the heavens opened and it rained all day. We were all feeling bad for Waterfront, which unfortunately was heavy on the water. People did come out but the weather did cut down on traffic. Other outdoor city events were also postponed.

Our group was set up the way we usually do on the Mondays we paint together all winter. The difference was that we had on display around the walls a number of our works. This is different from our show, where we use display panels and each person has one panel to display. Here we hung it on the walls, and sat it on tables, and on the floors. It was very bright and colourful. Many people gave us positive comments on being able to see so much in this open arrangement. (see more photos by going to our flickr site – just over to the right for the link)

People also were very positive about the Art Trek concept, a number saying it was about time there was something like this in town to showcase all the talent we have in Saskatoon. That confirms very definitely one of the major reasons the groups decided to undertake this even in the first place. Other groups are now interested in participating if it happens next year.

So thanks to all the people in the five inaugural groups that worked to make this happen: 330 Design Group, Artists’ Workshop, Men Who Paint, The Mix Artists Collective, and St George’s Studio. Also, thanks to our sponsors who helped us have the great banners, posters and flyers printed.

Have a great creative summer everyone!

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