The new season is underway

This week, our group got underway for the 2012-2013 season. We are welcoming two new  members, Margaret Bremner and Kathryn Green, and welcoming back a returning member, Janet Danyliuk.

Margaret has been working with Zentangles, intricate hand drawn designs. Margaret has a website, Enthusiastic Artist, which has examples and information about these beautiful art forms.

Kathryn works in mixed media, using found objects and transforming them into complex and fascinating pieces.

Janet wasn’t able to be at our first session, but next time I will get a photo of her in action too.

We were all very happy to be back together, getting new works underway. Over the next few months, more photos and bits of information about the group will be shared here.

For those of you who like to really plan ahead, you can mark your calendars for these events in 2013:

Our annual Fine Art Show and Sale – April 12 – 14

Art Trek 2013 – June 7 & 8.


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