Spotlight on ~ Marilyn Weiss

It’s not hard to guess Marilyn Weiss’s favourite colour. Just check out her lipstick, her boots, the decor in her home, her collection of paints with names like “Luminous Rose” and “Quinacridone Crimson.” Red shows up in pretty much all of Marilyn’s art works, whether it’s the under-painting of a boreal forest scene, the sky above a Nutana alley, or one of her well-known poppy paintings.

‘Off Broadway Alley’, Acrylic 8 x 16 inches

And speaking of poppies, you might not be surprised to learn that they can be found not only in her paintings, but also in her garden . . . and even on her bed linen.

‘My Garden Poppies’, Oil 16 x 24 inches

Marilyn takes regular sketching trips to northern Saskatchewan and other locations, especially in the fall and spring, her favourite times of the year. The sketches she makes on site serve as a foundation for larger works completed in her studio. In addition to being a founding member of Artists’ Workshop, Marilyn is the best dressed, frequently coordinating her outfits with her paintings (something the rest of us only achieve by getting paint on ourselves).  


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