Our new season is underway!

The members of Artists’ Workshop are again gathering together every week at Grace Westminster Auditorium to paint together, share information, and support each other. This year we welcome two new members to the group, Celeste Delahey and Leslie Stadnichuck, whose work continues to add to the diversity of our group. Below are examples of theirContinue reading “Our new season is underway!”

Bridging ~ Kathleen Slavin

Bridges are for exploring, crossing, burning and describe beauty, relationships, struggles.  They can represent choices and directions both wise and unwise and necessary.  I have experienced  bridges, both physical and contemplative in my art practice. Over the years, I have selected bridges as a painting image and have sold paintings of the bridges that provide access to ourContinue reading “Bridging ~ Kathleen Slavin”

Bridging ~ Paige Mortensen

A few ways I see bridging in my art practice are: Time and Place – Recently I have been focussed on a series of work called Prairie Perspectives that bridges time and place. Across the Saskatchewan landscape homesteads are deserted, granaries sit empty and elevators are rapidly disappearing. This exhibition explores what we see today andContinue reading “Bridging ~ Paige Mortensen”

Bridging ~ Monika Kinner-Whalen

One way I bridge my art with the community is by offering to be ‘Guest Artist’ in school classrooms.  There, I introduce the notion of stitch as an art form, and fabric as a medium.  I bridge longstanding craft skills with contemporary fine art.  The joy and wonder that comes out when children create withContinue reading “Bridging ~ Monika Kinner-Whalen”

My Favourite Thing ~ Sharron Schoenfeld

I love playing around mixing colours to find just the right hue or just to see what a different variation of red will do to one of my many favourite blues. The problem I would run into after all this mixing was trying to recreate a favourite and not remembering what I used to makeContinue reading “My Favourite Thing ~ Sharron Schoenfeld”