Spotlight on ~ Sharron Schoenfeld

I love art, and feel lucky to have been given the gift of creativity. I have an early memory as a little girl realizing that I could draw and recall the enjoyment and feeling of accomplishment it gave me. Since then, the making of art has been a friend that keeps me company and gives me purpose.

I have experimented in various mediums over the years, my most recent transition being from fiber art to painting in acrylics.

I work intuitively using my imagination, and my own photography of the Saskatchewan prairies, the northern lake country and travel. Landscapes, cityscapes and figures are my favorite subject matter. Rocky shorelines, foliage and water have always interested me and have inspired many of my paintings. A walk in the country can take me a very long time if I have my camera because I get very absorbed taking pictures of all the tiny details on the ground, rocks and trees. My usually patient husband often gets tired of waiting for me to finish and leaves me in the middle of nowhere snapping pictures and having to make my way back alone.

‘Leaves and Berries’, Acrylic on canvas

A trip to Kenya resulted in over 1000 photos, which inspired a painting series of children and cityscapes from in and around the city of Nairobi.

The red earth and warm colors of Kenya, the yellow canola fields, diverse grasses, foliage and stunning lake country of Saskatchewan are all a good fit for my earthy colour palette of raw sienna, burnt sienna, ochre, greens and purples.

‘Grandma and Baby’, Acrylic on canvas

I always have the “next” painting waiting in the wings because it seems there is never a shortage of images I want to try to transform and interpret using paint. My only quandary is which one gets to be next! Sometimes I start a painting by getting rid of the white canvas and warm it up with an all over wash of burnt sienna, while other times I just jump right in and start painting. Either way, I never know how a painting will turn out, and that is the exciting part for me.


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