Spotlight on ~ Valerie Munch

As I reflect on my art, I realize it colours my life. I view my world, with the play of light and shadow and I want to paint it all! I take photographs to capture those moments, then as I paint I relive the day in my garden with a dear friend, or a walk on Broadway in the city I love.

captured this fall v munch
‘Captured this Fall’, Watercolour

There’s the special chair from a beloved aunt and uncle, the day on the beach or at the lake with Grandchildren, or a special trip with my husband and children, all paintings evoke memories.

face to the sun v munch.jpg
‘Face to the Sun’, Watercolour

I feel fortunate to have the support of my family and friends, and for time spent with a group of artist friends who freely share their vision and talents.

vmunch studio

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