Summer Secret Garden Sketching

Our group decided that we would get together over the summer, to sketch in our gardens around the city, and to keep in touch while we took our summer break. It has been some years since we have done this, and it has been very enjoyable to take up this again. It has been so pleasant to enjoy the gardens and just relax and sketch and paint for fun.

Here are some photos from the gardens so far. We’ll be continuing on to a few more yet ~

kathy's garden sketch 2017.jpg
Kathy Slavin’s garden
kathys 2017 group1.jpg
Kathy’s garden – 2
kathy in garden 2017.jpg
Kathy Slavin in her garden
kathys 2017 lunch.jpg
Lunch at Kathy’s
val garden sketch.jpg
Val Munch’s garden
Jean Dudley in Val Munch’s garden
Sharron Schoenfeld (reflected) in Val’s garden
Lorraine Khachatourians’ garden
Cindy Wright in Lorraine’s garden
Kathy and Molly in Lorraine’s garden



Lorraine in her garden

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