Spotlight on ~ Jean Dudley

I feel more attached to the group this year. Our fall show was great fun and I appreciated the willingness on everyone’s part to try a new format. I enjoyed meeting people, talking about art and showing people the use of bamboo sticks and ink. It was a friendly day and the turnout was marvelous for a Monday in winter!

I have painted very little this fall but have been enjoying drawing again and working in ink. I committed to Inktober and managed to post an ink drawing every day that month. My dilemma of being an ‘en plein air’ painter and living in Saskatchewan stays with me. I did get out, however, on one of those days that hovered around the 0 degree mark. I set up in Diefenbaker Park, unknowingly close to a Frisbee Golf Target. I was trying to get out of the wind, but the players thought it was quite funny and were all good sports about it. I still miss Kenderdine Campus, and although I tried a couple of new adventures last summer, nothing has come close to spurring me on as those classes did. The environment at Kenderdine, the facilities, the instruction, the fellow painters all combined to create an atmosphere the both challenged and supported each of us. The search continues.

Jean painting at Marr House
JEAN kenderdine
‘Kenderdine’ Acrylic on canvas

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