Our 28th year in full swing

Our group is working away, getting ready for our 28th annual Show and Sale, which will happen this April 13 – 15, so you can mark your calendars now! The paints, brushes, pastels, pencils, paper, canvases, threads are all being put to use as we all get busy making wonderful new pieces to show everyone this spring.

And threads you might ask? Well, we have the great pleasure to welcome a new member to our group. Monika Kinner-Whalen is a well-known fibre artist here in Saskatoon, and she has joined us to expand our happy collective and to add even more diverse creativity to our group.

So mark your calendars, and we will soon have more specific show details. Also, watch our Facebook page and our blog here for our weekly Spotlights, highlighting the work and inspirations of each member of our group as we work our way to April.




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