Spotlight on ~ Paige Mortensen

Inspiration comes from close up or far away. In the last year my close up inspirations have been found in backyard gardens and beautiful planters in cities we have visited. The distant inspirations are the old elevators, barns and houses that we all see as we drive around our province. I’m not usually driving so I bring my camera and it is amazing what I can catch in these “drive-by-pictures”. I wonder about our ancestors, what lives were really like when these structures were built. So, flowers to bring cheer into my studio and old architecture to make me reflect on our history.


Shirley's poppies Paige.jpg
“Shirley’s Poppies” – Watercolour Batik
apple blossom amarylis Paige.jpg
“Apple Blossom Amarylis” – Watercolour Batik
gull lake pool elevator.jpg
“Gull Lake Pool Elevator” – Watercolour Batik

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