Spotlight on ~ Sharron Schoenfeld

One of the many subjects that inspire me is the beauty of Saskatchewan’s northern lake country. I rarely leave our cabin without my camera or at least my cell phone to capture what I see. My husband and I enjoy spending leisurely days canoeing along the shoreline of East Trout Lake as well as some of the smaller lakes close by. Filtered sunlight from behind the trees, the reflection of rocks and reeds in a secluded cove, the movement of water when a breeze is stirred up can all take my breath away. My husband has to pick up the slack when I drop the paddle and pick up the camera (he does a lot of the paddling). I really like to paint little children too. I love their natural, expressive movements. I find myself smiling as I’m painting because I’m usually thinking of how cute they are.

‘Shallow Cove’, Acrylic on canvas


sharron mar 2018

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