Slow Art Day 2021

Window Art Show
April 10 – 23, 2021

In non-pandemic times we hold our annual spring show and sale at Grace Westminster Church. Since we haven’t been able to do that this year or last, we have a new way to share our art with you. Artists’ Workshop would like to invite you to our Slow Art Day Window Art Show.

Grab a coffee, have a seat outside or do a slow walk by and discover the art of nine local artists. Some of the artworks will be displayed facing outward in the windows of the two coffee shops and more will be shown indoors, with ample space for viewing safely. 

All of the art posted is for sale. To purchase please contact the artist by email.

If you prefer to view the art from your home you can do that too! Find it at:

Facebook: @artistsworkshopsaskatoon
Instagram: @artistsworkshop

Why Slow?

Slow Art Day is an international event held every April to encourage all of us to spend a bit more time looking at art. When you look slowly at a piece of art you make discoveries. You see things you wouldn’t have noticed in a quick glance, you can reflect on what the art stirs up in you, what it reminds you of and how it makes you feel.

How Can You Participate?

View the art – at the coffee shops and/or online
Look slowly
 – five to ten minutes – at each piece of art
Consider the questions posted for each piece
Visit our Facebook page
Post your answers/comments about the art

Posting your comments on our FaceBook or Instagram pages will enter you to win a $25 gift certificate to the coffee shops!

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