Exploring Connections ~ Paige Mortensen

My focus on working with wax all began with a card that came from Ngaire in New Zealand. It was painted with encaustic wax. That discovery led me to an encaustic workshop in Okanagan Falls, BC with Thea.

Then, in a print making class I was taking here in Saskatoon we were asked create a batik. I know Roger was thinking of something simple but my research led me to a tutorial by Kathie from Ohio for watercolour batik. I knew about melting wax and had some supplies so I tried it and was hooked!

Kathie led me to a fabulous artist retreat she was leading at Le Vieux Couvent in France as well as her watercolour batik workshop in Edmonton, AB. 

Paige & Rosi in Nova Scotia September 2019
Paige & Rosi September 2019

Then I found The Batik Guild, an international organization of batik artists that began in the UK. Through it I met Rosi who led a batik workshop in Nova Scotia where we worked on both cloth and paper. I have also connected to many batik artists from around the world. 

One of them is Tatang, from Indonesia. His virtual workshop was fantastic and one of the pieces he made is now mine!

Another is Cata from Chili who’s online Batik and Tea workshop led me to exploring tea batiks on coffee filters…a great pandemic pastime! 

For their 35th Anniversary the Batik Guild created a batik calendar and selected one of my batiks for the month of October. I am thrilled that this is bringing a Saskatchewan Prairie scene to homes around the world!

This week Rosi has organized a Zoom meeting so we can connect and share work. These connections are inspiring and I am thankful for the technology that makes it all happen. 

The paper I use comes from The Japanese Paper place in Toronto and I was able to meet Paula there a few years ago. She has been a fantastic supporter of my work and recently asked me to present an online workshop for them. It was fun and I met more people interested in batik from Mexico, the United States and Canada. 

Here at home, I am part of the CARFAC mentorship program working with Caron from Air Ronge as she explores batik in her own art practice. I am learning as much as she is!

And now the circle is moving back around to encaustic. I am connecting to encaustic artists from around the world through a year long, one demo a week, encaustic workshop organized in Ireland. Now I am ready for this wide range of techniques and ideas and my studio time is exciting and fulfilling! 

Batik meets Encaustic

Encaustic mixed media with batik trees 8″ diameter round canvases ©Paige Mortensen

5 thoughts on “Exploring Connections ~ Paige Mortensen

  1. Paige, this is fascinating to hear how each interest led to opening another door and finding another resource along the way. Connections are so important in all kinds of pursuits. Thanks for sharing your story.

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