Viewpoints – Celeste Dumonceaux Delahey

Each year leading up to our Spring Show and Sale we like to bring you a glimpse into each of our artists’ art practices. This year we are going to share a bit about our personal Viewpoints. Today is the first of this series and features Celeste.

Viewpoint – a position or perspective from which something is considered or evaluated.

What makes people have different viewpoints?  Many things can influence a person’s viewpoint on a certain subject: where they grew up, how their parents raised them, the school they went to, the friends they made, the places they travelled to, their postgraduate education, emotional or tragic events that may have happened, the list could go on and on. 

My experience growing up on a farm with loving parents, three siblings, and a small town education certainly influenced how and what I paint.  I grew up in big prairie spaces, working in the garden and helping with the farm.  I spent a lot of time outside and appreciated the vast crop lands, creeks, bushes in the fields, dugouts and pastures.  These memories come up whenever I paint.  I am drawn to painting the prairie landscapes because of these experiences and appreciation for the land we lived on and used to help feed others.  Growing up in a rural area taught me about respecting the land, helping within the community, and being a good neighbour. 

When I paint I feel joyful as most of my memories of the prairie remind me of these things.  I hope my paintings give the viewer a feeling of freedom, an appreciation of the land, and the beauty of the wide open spaces and big dramatic skies.  If they have experienced this they may feel a connection, if they haven’t, maybe they will see things from a different viewpoint.

You’re Golden 12 x 12″ Acrylic on Board ©Celeste Delahey Dumonceaux

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