Viewpoints – Sharron Schoenfeld

Artists’ Workshop is a diverse group of 9 artists who use different mediums to create art. We come from varied artistic educational backgrounds, and each of us have experienced and grown our art practises in different ways. Our group meets each Monday from September through April at Grace-Westminster Church to create art.

We are a lively group of interesting characters that banter back and forth throughout our day of art making. We talk about our families, shows, what we did on the weekend, who’s renovating, moving etc., but we also provide input to each other’s art and help problem solve. This input is given informally as we visit each other while we are working and in our regular critique sessions.

Once a month we stop working for half an hour and gather around an easel to provide constructive suggestions to anyone who brings an art piece that they are having problems with. Each of us have varying strengths in the areas of composition, colour, contrast, and subject matter. So, when we put our collective artistic heads together, we can usually come to a consensus as to what changes should be made to correct the problem.

I recently took advantage of my fellow artists viewpoints on a painting I had been struggling with for months. I knew that the painting had problems, but I had been looking at it for so long that I could not ascertain them. The suggestions and input that I received from the group were spot on. It took very little time to implement the suggested changes and the result was a much better painting. My friends at Artists’ Workshop have help me to grow as an artist and encourage me to continue working towards improving my skills as a painter. 

Morning Light CPR Bridge 11” x 14” Acrylic on Panel Board ©Sharron Schoenfeld

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