Viewpoints – Val Miles

Why birds?

This could be a question that I might be asked about my work because more often than not there is a bird in my painting.  I haven’t always had a fascination for birds.  When I was developing my current style of mixed media painting I found that birds were the perfect subject for gilding.

Once I started to research and really look at birds they started to take on human qualities and show a real personality.  I found that adding a bird to a scene provided a subject that was interacting with what was going on in the painting.  This helped to create a story and provide additional interest, perspective and sometimes humour in my paintings.  I have had many people see themselves or family members in the different birds that I have painted.

Flocking to the Flowers ©Val Miles

When I travel I often pick up bird sculptures and photograph them in still life scenes for my work.  These birds in particular have become “regulars” in my cast of bird characters which makes it fun for me to create a world where they experience different things.   I have difficulty leaving birds out of my work now and will try to subtly find a way to include one even if there isn’t one in the scene that I am painting.

In the Shade of the Primroses ©Val Miles

One thought on “Viewpoints – Val Miles

  1. I also like birds in my work. They add “je ne sais quoi”. Attractive shapes, often quizzical, and every one loves birds.

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