Viewpoints – Monika Kinner

My name Monika Kinner, and as a member of Artists’ Workshop Saskatoon, I am a Landscape Artist who shares my love of the local prairie in my work. My medium of choice is fabric and thread, yarn on felt or canvas, and also soft pastel on pastelmat. Regardless of which medium I work with, I often create directly with my hands, pulling threads, placing fabrics, felting yarns, and blending pastels.

Yarn Impression ©Monika Kinner

When it comes specifically down to the VIEWPOINT of my work, each piece I make is like a documented moment in time that for whatever reason, stopped me in my tracks. It may have been the light, the distance, the layers of colour across the land, or the flourishing of life in the foreground. The drive to create my work is a desire to communicate the awe I feel about this place we share in the hopes that you too will see what I saw, and perhaps feel what I felt. 

The best moments are when my work conjures up a viewer’s own personal memories, and they feel compelled to share personal, heartfelt stories with me. The gift of art goes both ways, especially when the land is the subject.

With the Wind Behind Me ©Monika Kinner

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