Artist’s Toolkit ~ Kathleen Slavin

I am a mark maker.  Always close at hand in my studio are buckets of mark making tools.  I love the act of applying paint to a surface.  Creating is at its best when the marks suggest the next direction.  I also prefer to not be fully in control of my painting tools.  Discovering, often by accident, a new wayContinue reading “Artist’s Toolkit ~ Kathleen Slavin”

My Favourite Thing ~ Monika Kinner-Whalen

As a textile artist inspired by the landscape, I credit my camera as being the ‘favourite thing’ simply because it is how I bring back inspiration to my studio. The images I collect are personal memories which form the basis of my art. Because the prairies are ever changing with regard to light and seasonsContinue reading “My Favourite Thing ~ Monika Kinner-Whalen”

My Favourite Thing ~ Cindy Wright

Natural Light I am so fortunate to have a studio with a window of a big Saskatchewan sky. This lighting is crucial for enriching the process of my watercolour paintings. The natural light not only makes me feel healthy and happy but inspired. It allows me to “read the paper” when it’s time to drop,Continue reading “My Favourite Thing ~ Cindy Wright”

Art Toolkit Favourites  ~ Val Miles

One of my favourite art making tools that I wouldn’t be able to make my art without is the copper, silver and gold foil that I use to gild my paintings.  Since I started using foil it has taken over as one of my favourite mediums.  I love the different effects that it creates andContinue reading “Art Toolkit Favourites  ~ Val Miles”

Fall shows with members of Artists’ Workshop

As we get underway for our 2018-2019 season, several of our members are involved in shows around the province and in Saskatoon. These are the three shows on now ~ And Val Miles has a solo show at the University Club on the University of Saskatchewan campus. The show runs from now until December 20Continue reading “Fall shows with members of Artists’ Workshop”

Spotlight on ~ Gail Prpick

After taking a year off painting with the Artists’ Workshop group, I am back at full force this year.  I have also started an art gallery in my home town of Davidson.  The gallery has renewed my art addiction and spurred me back to figurative painting.  I am not sure why I quit as it is my firstContinue reading “Spotlight on ~ Gail Prpick”