Spotlight on ~ Kathleen Slavin

I am a mark-maker.  My first love as a painter is the countless possible processes of applying paint to a surface. I use a variety of techniques to hover between abstract and representational elements. Saskatchewan landscape offers a spectacular source of inspiration as does my garden.  During the two decades that I have been showing workContinue reading “Spotlight on ~ Kathleen Slavin”

Spotlight on ~ Cindy Wright

Watercolour pigment on a limestone based TerraSkin paper combines to create delicate, soft and playful images. You know that song about the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees? Well this describes the focus of my work and creates that crucial connection to the world around me. Do come and experience this workContinue reading “Spotlight on ~ Cindy Wright”

Spotlight on ~ Sharron Schoenfeld

One of the many subjects that inspire me is the beauty of Saskatchewan’s northern lake country. I rarely leave our cabin without my camera or at least my cell phone to capture what I see. My husband and I enjoy spending leisurely days canoeing along the shoreline of East Trout Lake as well as someContinue reading “Spotlight on ~ Sharron Schoenfeld”

Spotlight on ~ Paige Mortensen

Inspiration comes from close up or far away. In the last year my close up inspirations have been found in backyard gardens and beautiful planters in cities we have visited. The distant inspirations are the old elevators, barns and houses that we all see as we drive around our province. I’m not usually driving soContinue reading “Spotlight on ~ Paige Mortensen”

Spotlight on ~ Marilyn Weiss

Reds and magentas – these are the colours that underpin much of Marilyn’s art works. You will see hints in a boreal forest scene or the sky above a Nutana alley, or front and centre in one of her well-known poppy paintings. Marilyn takes regular sketching trips and painting trips to northern Saskatchewan and other wildernessContinue reading “Spotlight on ~ Marilyn Weiss”

Fall Spotlight on ~ Molly Clark

Occasionally, I venture into other styles and mediums, then default to painting landscapes in oil. I feel lucky to be a returning member of Artists’ Workshop where I enjoy working in our shared space every Monday. I look forward to reconnecting with old acquaintances and making new ones at our Open Studio Show and Sale Monday,Continue reading “Fall Spotlight on ~ Molly Clark”