Fall Spotlight on ~ Kathleen Slavin

My first love as a painter is the countless possible processes of applying paint to a surface. I use a variety of techniques to hover between abstract and representational elements. Landscape offers a spectacular source of inspiration as a subject. I look forward to seeing you and talking about my work at our Open StudioContinue reading “Fall Spotlight on ~ Kathleen Slavin”

Fall Spotlight on ~ Paige Mortensen

Sketching in Artists’ Workshop member’s the back yards, driving around Saskatchewan, travel to other parts of our country; all provide inspiration. On our travels I stopped at the Japanese Paper Place in Toronto to learn more about the origins of the Ginwashi paper that I use for my watercolour batiks. Unexpectedly, the stop provided aContinue reading “Fall Spotlight on ~ Paige Mortensen”

Fall Spotlight on ~ Marilyn Weiss

It’s not hard to guess Marilyn Weiss’s favourite colour. Red shows up in pretty much all of Marilyn’s art works, whether it’s the under-painting of a boreal forest scene, the sky above a Nutana alley, or one of her well-known poppy paintings. Marilyn takes regular sketching trips to northern Saskatchewan and other locations, especially inContinue reading “Fall Spotlight on ~ Marilyn Weiss”

Fall Spotlight on ~ Gail Prpick

I was raised in creative chaos which I consider my art education. I reside in Davidson, SK where I have opened the “And Art Gallery” in a century old brick building that was formerly a bank. I work mainly in acrylic and love to paint with vibrant colours, and use sensual shapes and a varietyContinue reading “Fall Spotlight on ~ Gail Prpick”

Fall Spotlight on ~ Cindy Wright

Everyday life in the country brings inspiration every day.  From the force of the wind to the changing of the seasons the subjects are ever changing. I express my creativity  primarily in watercolors, a medium that is delightfully challenging. The relationship between the paint, paper and water are both unpredictable and beautiful like the effectsContinue reading “Fall Spotlight on ~ Cindy Wright”

Fall Spotlight on ~ Jean Dudley

In my second year as a member of this group I am still feeling my way around. It’s great to be involved with a group of people with similar interests. I’ve always been an outdoor painter and am finding my passion still lies there. Living in Saskatchewan creates a dilemma I haven’t been able toContinue reading “Fall Spotlight on ~ Jean Dudley”

Fall Spotlight on ~ Sharron Schoenfeld

This summer and fall has been another period of transition for me as an artist. I come from a textile background that incorporated texture, pattern, colour and generally “winging it” with my artwork. I am experimenting more with paint, mediums and working more intuitively rather than emphasizing realism. I spent the summer painting outside whichContinue reading “Fall Spotlight on ~ Sharron Schoenfeld”